Performer FAQs

Does New Moon host shows on weekdays?
During the week we do NOT usually host shows because they generally have very small crowds and customers get upset about a cover charge. If you are traveling or want to play during the week we can talk about doing a “suggested cover” night. Shows on weeknights should run 7:00pm-10:00pm.

Are weekends different? Can our band charge a cover?
Weekends are a little different. We will allow a cover and a wider range of music to be played. Bands should work the door or have somebody working it for them. Bands receive 100% of the door. Weekend shows are 8:00pm-11:00pm and bands can arrive at 7:00pm to set up. Weekend shows should not exceed $5 and New Moon reserves the right to $1 off of the door if anything is damaged or stolen.

What if I don’t have enough material to play form 8:00pm-11:00pm, or can’t find anyone else to be on the ticket?
If you do not have enough material or other bands/musicians to fill the 8:00pm-11:00pm time, we will not book the show. If possible, we will try to help you find other musicians to play with. There is nothing worse than a band playing from 8:00-8:45pm then leaving and having a crowd show up for the show at 9:00pm!

Does the New Moon supply a PA? 
Yes. The New Moon has a house PA system that supplies enough power to fill the room. The speakers are mounted to the ceiling, along with the stage lighting. The PA head is near the stage on casters.

What about mics and cables? 
New Moon does NOT supply mics and cables.  You need to bring your own.

Does the New Moon supply a sound tech? 
No. The bands or performers are in charge of doing sound for themselves. Employees of the New Moon will help you hook up to the system and they will inform you if the volume is sufficient. If you require a sound tech, please have things arranged ahead of time. Do not expect the employees of the New Moon to do sound for you or your band.

What should I do to promote my show? Can New Moon help?
Please, please, please send us promos and flyers. Without doing promotion shows usually go unnoticed. When shows go unnoticed you don’t get a crowd.  New Moon will put your show on our website, but a few flyers are still the best way to get the word out. We have 700-800 customers per day walk in our doors; flyers help us utilize word of mouth with our customers. We also suggest that you promote your show through any social media platforms you use.

Will New Moon employees help me set up and take money at the door?
The employees of the New Moon are not in responsible to take your door, set up your gear, work your merch table or carry your equipment.  Be sure you have enough people with you to cover all of your bases. An employee will help you hook up to our system, but as stated above, if you need a full on sound tech, you’ll need to bring one.

What else is expected of the performers? 
Performers at the New Moon are expected to be kind and courteous to employees and customers of the cafe. Shows are 3 hours in length unless an agreement is made with Aaron prior to the show. Performers are expected to arrive on time, play for the allocated time, perform at a reasonable volume, and to pick up after themselves. The New Moon will not charge a cover for weeknight shows unless it is arranged beforehand with Aaron. Weekend shows should not exceed $5 and the New Moon reserves the right to $1 off of door if anything is damaged or stolen.